How to reactivate my subscription?

There are a number of ways your bluum membership can be paused and you may want to come back to continue receiving boxes.

  • If we are unable to collect the funds necessary to continue your membership, we will pause your subscription and alert you via email. As soon as you successfully update your payment profile in your subscription settings, your subscription is active again.

  • If your membership is paused for any other reason, you can come back at any time by logging in to your subscription settings page and clicking the Continue button.

Please Note: Special prices are subject to change. If you are receiving a special monthly rate, you must have your payment information updated in order to keep your account in good standing. If at any time the renewal cannot be processed, the account will be placed on hold until the information is updated and the special pricing will become void. Once the subscription is reactivated, you will be charged the current pricing.

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