Rewards Points

What are they?

Rewards points are treats for you. Points can be used to purchase products from the bluum up store or even discount your next renewal charge. Every 200 points you earn is $10.00 to you! If you collect a minimum of 500 rewards points, you get a free month to bluum. There is no limit to how many points you can earn. Real simple! To get started, sign in to your bluum account and click "points" to select how you wish to redeem your earned points.

There are many ways to collect rewards points on bluum: 

Referral Reward Points- Use your personalized invite link to refer friends (your link can be found on your bluum account by signing in and clicking "my points" on your dashboard). Each friend who requests a membership using your link earns you 15 points (they earn 15 points, too). When your friend buys a 3 month or longer term bluum subscription, you earn 500 points (which is a free month).

Feedback Reward Points- After receiving your products, review them on bluum. Not only does each review earn you 10 points (6 products in your box = 60 points closer to a free box, each month), but also are we using your feedback to give back to the brands we work with. There has never been a better way to make your voice and mommy-trusted feedback heard! To get started, sign in to your bluum account using the email address provided during time of first purchase. Select the "boxes" tab, then each box received. Select the "give feedback" button and complete all questions to earn your feedback points.

Share, share, share! When you connect your bluum account to Facebook, you earn 10 points. Every day, you can then earn 3 points for sharing your invite link on friends’ Facebook walls (this is a per-day incentive, not per friend).

How do referral rewards points work?

Each bluum account is provided with a unique link. You can find it by signing in to your bluum account and clicking “my points”. You may share that link with friends through email, Facebook, Twitter and on your blogs. When a person clicks on the link, they must request a membership by entering their email address immediately upon clicking the link (if they leave that page and then go back to request a membership, you will not get credit).  When you friends sign up for a 3 month or longer bluum subscription, they cannot use any other promo or coupon codes in their order as they will already receive the first month half off and this offer cannot be combined with your referral. Referral orders traced back to the original subscriber and not another customer will be canceled (e.g. Sara Bluum cannot use Sara Bluum's own referral link to earn 500 rewards points). All points expire after 1 year unless redeemed.

How to redeem earned reward points?

Sign in to your bluum account and click "Points" to adjust your redemption settings. 500 points equals 1 free month of bluum or $20 to use for purchasing bluum up products. Once your points settings are adjusted to redeem, we'll ensure your next purchase or renewal is discounted properly. Some of our bluum moms have been so active inviting other moms using their link, they won’t pay for bluum boxes until 2016!

To view all points earned, sign in and select "points". Keep track of all your progress!!
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