Tracking your box

How can I track my box?

Tracking details of your bluum box will be sent automatically upon being scanned by our shipping provider. You may view the tracking information by clicking the link in the shipping email or by signing in to your bluum account and clicking "my boxes" -  **Gift order tracking details will be shown on the gift receiver’s account created upon placing your gift order (Gift givers may contact customer service for updated details**

Bluum is shipping out of Connecticut. Once your bluum box has left our warehouse, you will receive a tracking notification via email. Should you notice your shipping address is incorrect after your box has shipped, you need to call Fed Ex at 1800-GoFedEx or USPS at 1800-AskUSPS to request a change of address. You can only do this once you have obtained your tracking number.
If for some reason your box is returned to us due to a shipping error, you will have the option to get a credit to your subscription or have a replacement box shipped. It is your responsibility to maintain an accurate shipping address on your account in a timely fashion before boxes ship. Generally speaking, you should make updates to your shipping address before the beginning of a month. All address changes after the 1st of the month will be updated for the following month’s box.
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