bluum subscription vs bluum gift

Bluum subscriptions are for you and your little one. bluum subscriptions renew at the end of each term as noted on order confirmation and the 1st order checkout screen before confirming the purchase. With a bluum subscription, all of your billing & shipping information is one account. You can log in to manage your subscription, purchase products from the bluum up store and even choose milestones.

Bluum gifts are for your family & friends. They are a one time purchase that does not renew automatically at the end of term. Upon purchase of a bluum gift, two accounts are created. Your (gift giver) account contains the billing information for your order. The other account is for your gift receiver which contains information you provided but can only be updated afterwards by the receiver. Separate log in details will be provided for the gift receiver. The gift receiver's account does not contain your billing information nor order confirmation so they can choose to continue bluuming on their own after the gift term is completed by adding their billing details to their account. 

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